Luxury Redefined in Food

​Plant-based ice cream with unabashed flavors that will provoke emotions, create sensory memories and titillate your taste buds. Our ice creams are dairy-free made with organic oat milk.  Spices and herbs are simmered then infused in our base overnight. Flourishing with flavor with just a few ingredients.

Organic Oat milk. Artisanal. Handcrafted.

Our base has only six ingredients that are alternatives to traditional ingredients. Consciously and carefully crafted with health and wellness in mind, our base is dairy-free made with organic oat milk and other plant-based. Our ingredients are organic oat milk, organic cane sugar, unrefined organic virgin coconut oil, organic tapioca syrup, organic sunflower lecithin, organic guar gum. It is creamy and smooth just like traditional ice cream. You wouldn’t know the difference unless we told you. 

Spice Blends. Fresh Herbs. Organic Fruit.

Spices and herbs are often used to flavor dishes in plant-based cooking. A little goes a long way. Our flavors are unique, using custom spice blends, fresh organic herbs and heirloom recipes passed down from generation to generation. Savory, sweet and with a gentle boost of heat in every pint. Spices and herbs are infused in our bases overnight, so that our frozen treats are fully saturated with flavor. Appealing to both refined palates and those simply seeking a healthy frozen treat.


Why Lavender and Truffles?

Because they’re not just a part of traditional French culture. There are seas of lavender flowers in China, so many that there are entire festivals celebrating annual blooms. The quest for sniffing out seasonal black truffles also extends to China, grown and harvested in red soil plateaus in Sichuan and Yunnan.

Lavender and truffles might not be expected to be of Asian provenance. Likewise, expect the unexpected with inventive takes on flavor profiles from the East that are novel to the West.