From our fabulous customers…

Lavender and Truffles ice cream is by far one of my favorite on the market. The ingredients are so unique and high quality. I love that the flavors are not what you would expect for ice cream and yet always a delicious surprise.

Millana Snow, Founder of Wellness Official

Fresh mint leaves immersed overnight, then churned with fresh organic strawberries for a cheeky blush color. A cool summery treat.

Maggie Kim, Writer

Flavors are fresh and light. Lavender & Truffles ice cream is a 5 star restaurant style ice cream.

Gabrielle Derring, Trainer

Lavender and Truffles made me convert from full cream, ice cream snob. The flavors are out of this world and the texture is so creamy and delicious…just try to stop yourself from eating a whole pint. I bet you can’t!

Grace Branton, Entrepreneur

Wouldn’t know it was non-dairy, if you didn’t tell me.

Alex Sarkissian, Restauranteur

Its just delicious.

Edie Kaufmann, Student